Tuesday, April 27, 2010

B is for Blogs

When I first heared Ms. Weldon say that we were going to start using blogs, I kind of had mixed emotions. Part of me was like "SWEET!!", but then there was the other part of me, which was like "OK, lets try this". But after the first week of blogs, I loved it and couldn't wait to post my next one.

As you know, there are some people that are famous for writing blogs. One of these people is named Perez Hilton. Basically, Perez has nothing better to do with his life, so he writes about other peoples. But surprisingly he gets to go to all the celebrity parties, and even award shows like MMMVA's. But the sad thing is, is that his blog isn't even that good. I bet if Ms. Weldon had to mark his blog, he would get like a 60%. Like seriously. Maybe that says something about our society though. Maybe it means that we are so desperate to know about how much weight Miley Cyrus gained, instead of actual important issues.

Next time you have to search something on google, pay attention to how may of the results that come up are from blogs. This is especially the case with image searches. There are a lot of people who have created blogs in the past year. I think this is because there are a lot more people who are going on the Internet so they look at a lot more blogs. I don't think that is entirely true, because how may times have you gone on the Internet and looked up a blog (other than Perez Hilton). I can understand if you write a blog about a trip you just made to Africa to help the kids with AIDS, but honestly no one gives a rats bum what you had for lunch and stuff, because honestly God invented Twitter for a reason.

The reason that I think I like doing blogs so much is that it is new to me, so it is a good experience. The reason I say it is good experience, is because the Internet is becoming a larger part of our lives, so the more experience the better. I also like the blogs because it is different than anything I have ever done before. Finally, the other thing I like about blogs is the fact that you are able to comment on other peoples blogs, so you can tell them your opinion, and how they can maybe make their posts better.

That is why I think blogs are a great idea for school purposes.

Life Lesson: Blogs are awesome

I commented on Emelie Fitch's post on tests.

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